Dancing Betta (ladyasenath) wrote in bead_now,
Dancing Betta

Newbie intro

1. How did you get involved with beading?
Through a couple of broken beaded bracelets and necklaces I had / found as a kid. Some of the beads were just too pretty to throw them away.

2. What inspires you? art, music, nature, etc...
Things I see in stores or online, no matter wheter they are actually jewellery-related or not.

3. What are some things you like about making crafts?
You can choose exactly what you want and hopefully end up with something unique. Also, that often the finished result doesn't look much like what you had in mind when you started but is still awesome.

4. How much time do you spend on beading?
Not enough to use the crazy amount of beads I have already accumulated.

5. What are some of your favorite craft stores?
The local bead shop in Belfast for basics, Ebay for everything else. Some stuff on Etsy or Justbeads looks nice but importing a few beads from the US? Nah.

A bit more about me.
I am 24 years old (turning 25 in April) and a snarky female German currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
I like photography, digital art, sewing, DIY, playing with PHP scripts and Open Source software and recently got into D&D.

A few of my recent work since I don't have (photos of) my older stuff anymore and won't be able to see what I still have before I go home on holdiay in 2 days (yay!).

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